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About Steph

Stephanie Carlson has been producing videos for top-tier brands for nearly 20 years. As director, producer, cinematographer, editor and writer, Stephanie's had the opportunity to work with brands like; Microsoft, RE/MAX, Buffini & Company, eBay, Shell, Ford, GM, TIME Inc., the Franchise Industry, Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas Travel Bureau, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and NASA to name a few.

Stephanie spearheaded two successful video production departments within other organizations, such as Buffini & Company and Benchmark Entertainment/ ERNLive, and owns her own video production company where she creates everything from Business, Real Estate Photography and Videos, Promos/Teasers, TV Commercials, TV Episodes, Travel Industry Videos, Social Media Stories and Live Events.

Stephanie has worked with some inspirational bosses who helped shape her creative path. Starting with real estate and business icon, Brian Buffini, Stephanie traveled as technical director for many of his events around the globe, edited all his major promos and training videos, and worked with legendary guest speakers, like Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Capt. Jim Lovell, Lou Holtz and many notable celebrities. She also produced and edited the 100 Days to Greatness 14-week Training DVD series for real estate agents, lenders and brokers used worldwide. 

Later, Stephanie spearheaded radio and TV personality, Alan Taylor's, video company and presence, working with major car manufactures, Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Inc, TIME, GM, USA Today, Entrepreneur, and was the first person to have a video posted to eBay's homepage. 

Stephanie loves developing new, trusted relationships with those she works with. Her goal is to help define the message and craft a vision, from concept development to video completion. She works mainly by referral by those who have entrusted in her skills and care.  

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