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First Person to Have a Video Posted on eBay 

Stephanie Carlson's video was the first to ever be posted on eBay! It was for National Classic Car Week in 2011 at the Petersen Automotive Museum featuring panels of car industry greats.

Webby Award: modJOBS on eBayMotors

Since 2012, Stephanie has filmed and edited over 450 franchise videos across the U.S. and still creates multiple TV commercials each year for the International Franchise Expo.

Stephanie filmed and edited Fortune Magazine's first custom content coinciding with a new centerfold in that month's edition showcasing the Jaguar F-TYPE.

Major Automotive Shows:

Producing videos for LA Auto Show, NYIAS, Chicago Auto Show, Barrett-Jackson, SEMA, Shell/Pennzoil, Concours d’Elegance, Hot August Nights, Concorso Italiano, The Quail and many other automotive video and stage productions.


Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Association:

For two years I produced, filmed and edited videos for the the largest conventions at the Las Vegas Convention Center. From NAB, CES, SEMA, Waste Expo, Fashion Expo, Real Estate Expo.


Brian Buffini: Real Estate Leader and Motivational Presenter

Traveled the US and Ireland with Brian Buffini as his Backstage Technical Director, Video Producer/Editor. Worked with some of the top motivational legends like Zig Ziglar, Jim John, Dan Clark, Jack Canfield, Lou Holtz, Christopher Gardner, Rudy Ruettiger, Alison Levine and many others.


12 Children’s Book and Video Series

Sold at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Toys R US, Walmart, Target.

World Culinary Cuisine Video Series:

Penton Oversees Publications. Culinary DVD Series with Total Immersion Language series.  Sold at Costco, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and  Borders.

Military Documentary on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base with General Reinke, as well as the Juaneno Tribe.

"Keeping the Field" featured on the Learning Channel.

Neil Armstrong Footage

NASA contacted Stephanie to get a copy of the footage shot of her boss interviewing astronaut, Neil Armstrong, on stage at MGM in Las Vegas. It was rare footage and was mentioned as only interview of Neil Armstrong talking about what it was like to walk on the moon in decades.

Pieces of that footage were used in the recent documentary, Armstrong.

Three weeks after Stephanie sent NASA a copy of the interview, she was walking through the Orlando airport when she saw the same interview she just sent NASA, now playing on multiple screens at a Discovery Channel store.

Apollo 13 - Capt. Jim Lovell

Stephanie created Apollo 13 astronaut, Capt. Jim Lovell's promo and intro to stage video in 2007. Pre-Youtube, she located historic footage and edited a concise condensed video of the Apollo 13 story. When Astronaut Capt. Jim Lovell saw it, he said it was the best version he’d seen accurately depicting the Apollo 13 disaster in a condensed format.  He asked to have multiple DVD copies so he could use it for all his future promos and intros to stage, which he did. 

Henry Ford III

Filmed and edited various videos with Henry Ford III and Alan Taylor for Motor Trend and eBay. 


Jay Leno’s Garage

Filmed Jaguar C-X75 concept car and designer in Jay Leno’s “garage” which is actually inside a Burbank airplane hangar. 


Arctic Adventure for Saab and The Ice Hotel:

Filmed in -45 degree temps with auto manufacturer Saab in Kiruna, Sweden 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Habitat for Humanity

After Hurricane Katrina, Buffini & Company partnered wth Habitat for Humanity to build 4 houses in 8 days in Baton Rouge for 4 families who lost everything. I not only documented, interviewed, and filmed the progress, I worked side-by-side with volunteers and the family members, pounded roof nails, installed siding and painted with Brian Buffini himself. I was forever touched by the bonds I made with good, caring people and the strength of the families that we helped start over. 


Apollo 13 Astronaut, Capt. Jim Lovell - Stage Intro

Stephanie Carlson
Apollo 13 Astronaut, Capt. Jim Lovell - Stage Intro
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Apollo 13 Astronaut, Capt. Jim Lovell - Stage Intro

Apollo 13 Astronaut, Capt. Jim Lovell - Stage Intro

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Stephanie Carlson | Titles, Animation and Graphics

Stephanie Carlson | Titles, Animation and Graphics

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eBay Motors modJOBS 5: Goin' Round with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

eBay Motors modJOBS 5: Goin' Round with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

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